Don Jazzy : Covid-19 stay home challenge


So starting from Don jazzy who will be the First Episode(1st) of the ” Covid-19 stay at Home Challenge”.

I will be given you updates on different celebrities and their “Covid-19 stay at home challenge” were you will get to know more about their recent activities in this current “Isolation” and “Social distancing”.

We will get to know more on their reactions to the virus, what they are doing in the isolation,what they do in order not to feel too bored with the isolation.

As all the celebrities go dey dere house we go follow dem dey house online(As all the celebrities will be in their home’s,we will keep in touch with them online).

Don Jazzy

So recently on his Twitter account he posted:

“The amount of keep quiet messages am seeing all over my social media accounts ehn.Lol don’t go and tell the wrong person keep quiet o guys.stay safe”.

He wrote this as a result of the alarming rate of “Shut up “and “Keep quiet ” his being getting on his twitter handle,which started when a fan told Don jazzy to keep quiet and instead of responding negatively he responded by sending the person money.

Another person told him “what if I say I love you,will you dash me money” and surprisingly he did send the person money