Does Beyonce looks exactly the same 12yrs after attending the Golden Globes? (Photos)


Super Star singer, Beyonce Knowles Carter, literally doesn’t age! In these beautiful pictures of her side to side, we see Beyonce in a picture taken at the Golden Globes awards in 2007 and the one taken at the premiere of The Lion king in London in 2019, both pictures are just 12years apart and one could swear they were taken at the same exact moment.

In the photos, Beyonce is pictured in very light, natural and subtle makeup, and in a dark blonde straight hairstyle, with parting at the middle, adorned with a beautiful smile.

In the first picture taken in 2007 at the Golden Globes Awards, Beyonce was only 26yrs old, in the photo taken at the London premiere of The Lion King, she was 38yrs old there and she still look exactly the same, even after having 3 kids, including a twins.

Now, we could say she’s rich and has enough money to make sure she looks very young and fresh, or we could say she has really good genetics, either way, we’re in awe at how exact both pictures of Queen Bey is! Absolutely amazing!