Doctor contacted COVID-19, recovers and went back to work 12 days later


A 51-year-old New York City doctor who was infected with the COVID-19 recovered, then went back to work on Corona virus patients.

Two weeks ago when 51-year-old Elaine McDonald was working 24 hour shifts at a hospital in Manhattan she got dehydrated and after drinking water for the first time in 12-hours she did half of her round without the mask on. Immediately when she realized her mistake she self isolated and requested for test to be performed on her now and then.

Two days later she tested positive and started working on her recovery. According to her the first week was the most difficult and the second week was just to make sure the virus is completely out of her system before she goes back to work.

“I take good care of my health and I exercise a lot so my immune system was prepared for the virus. I did not have the worst symptoms, like the ones I see everyday on my patients.”Elaine said as soon as she felt better she wanted to be tested again just to make sure she is free of the virus because she wanted to go back to work as soon as possible.

“My husband is a police office so he understand that a service like mine is needed and when I told him I’m going back to work her he did not have any problem with it.”

Two nurses who works under the same roof as Elaine died of Corona virus in the past week. Health care workers are at a big risk of getting corona and now that some are working more hours than usual it can take a toll on their health and make them more vulnerable.