Do you know how I met Yul? I have had enough of all the nonsense going on on social media – Judy Austin blows hot in new video

Actress Judy Austin has said she has had enough of the attacks she has received from some Nigerians since her marriage to actor, Yul Edochie.

Judy has been consistently dragged on hot coal on social media since April 2022, after the actor announced he had married her as his second wife and that they had welcomed a son together. Yul’s first wife, May was against the marriage and boldly spoke out.

In a video she posted today July 17, Judy said she has had enough of the attacks. She said

‘’I have had enough of the nonsense going on on social media. Everyday you come out with insults. What nonsense!. Are you going to tell me how to live my life? The decisions to take? Are you going to tell Yul Edochie how to live his life? Somebody that is 41 years. I have had enough of this nonsense!

Have you seen me dictate how you live your life to you? What nonsense! You come to my page or go to Odogwu’s page to type nonsense. I have had it. That I have been silent does not mean I do not know what to say. 

You see people acting like Virgin Mary . Are you Jesus? Are you our blessed Virgin Mary? What right do you have? Are you God? What right do you have to judge me? Simply because somebody will come out and say there own and others will be gingering them on and you think it gives you the right to insult somebody you do not know?!

Are you guys okay upstairs? How do you come out everyday and all you do is to insult somebody and you think you are normal? You are not normal! Enough of it!”

The actress said she is going to start exposing everybody involved ‘’in this”. 

‘’ What I will say and the information I am going to release…you people do not even know anything. You think you do? That can of worm, I will open it and if you are implicated in it, enjoy it. If I implicate you, enjoy it. If anything I am going to say and stray bullet hits you, take it since all of us are acting saints and Holier than thou’.’

Judy says she will come on social media tomorrow to expose ‘’all the Lesbians in their husbands’ house.”

‘’All the pimps in their husbands house pimping married women and single girls to  married men, I will expose all of you because all of you have been parading yourselves like you are all Jesus and Saints. Do you people know how I met Yul? You people do not know anything. A 40 year old man, wakes up and makes a decision about his own life and you people do not know why he took that decision and then you would insult him, challenge him on a decision he took for his own life. What I am going to say will shock the world. I have had enough of the lies”she said


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