“Do give away, that’s the only way to wash away your sins”- Lady advises Sydney Talker


It’s been reported that the actress funke Akindele was later arrested yesterday, but her fans are tagging it as unfair, that if she can be arrested, then popular Instagram comedian, Sydney Talker too, should be arrested too, for playing a prank with the NCDC and then faked the symptoms of the corona virus, just to cover his tracks.

Even though Sydney has apologised on countless times, some people are still not accepting the his apologies, and one of his fans have suggested that he should do a give away, that way he may be able to pacify his fans and Nigerians.

“Sydney Talker acolytes, instead of looking stupid trying to defend his foolishness, why not tell him about the power of giveaways.

Giveaway is Twitter’s “blood of Jesus”….

It washes online sins away.”