DNA doesn’t lie, Yes Future this is your 7th child


Future had been going back and forth with the alleged mother of his daughter, it went from social media to court. The rapper denied being the father of Eliza Reign’s 1 year old daughter from the get go.

He even filed a lawsuit against Eliza for defamation of character and claimed she ruined his reputation. Well a judge ordered Future to take a DNA in February, the results are back and he is the father. This will be Future’s 7th child, last year he had a baby with Eliza and Bow Wow’s baby mother as well.

Apparently there’s a woman who has been accusing Future of being her child’s father as well, she and Eliza took a DNA test to see if their children are related and the results confirmed they share the same dad. If indeed it’s his child he has 8 kids that we know of.

The rapper denied forcing Eliza to get an abortion and threatening her when she refused, he also stated in court how embarrassing or degrading it was to hear their intimate details on the media after Eliza allegedly pour it all out. While some are making fun of Future’s pull out game some are concerned about the kids he is making who probably will never know a father’s love.