Dj Khaled and his wife are expecting another child together.

Dj Khaled

Khaled announced the big news Thursday, and safe to say he’s super pumped to add to his growing family calling his wife’s pregnancy a blessing and saying he’s more musically inspired than ever.

“As you know before the birth of Ashad. Khaled absolutely display his LOVE being a father and doting on his kid, so much so, he made his first son Ashad a executive producer on his 10th studio album, “Grateful,” when the kid was only 4 months old!!!”

Asahd is almost 3 years old now, and from all indication he won’t be an only child any more, despite the news about a new baby on the way No word on a name for the little man from khaled yet.

Congrats to Dj Khaled and his wife as the world can’t wait to see how many albums Khaled’s baby boy produces before learning to walk.