DJ Cuppy shares another pretty picture of herself wearing her designers clothes


DJ Cuppy cannot do any wrong in the eyes of millions of her followers. She have tried as much as possible to maintain a very frequent presence on her multiple social media account. DJ Cuppy have just shared an amazingly pretty picture of herself rocking her favorite designer wears. DJ Cupppy have been blessing her fans with some pictures in which she showcased her designer clothing.

In her latest Fendi pictures, DJ Cuppy was rocking a sleeveless top, designer handbag, and a beautifully designed glasses. DJ Cuppy capped the picture with a few words which says, ” 5th week offending with Fendi but nowhere to go.” DJ Cuppy have continued her 5 weeks of continues wearing of topclass Fendi designers in her London home. DJ Cuppy have often expressed her sadness over her inability to go anywhere with her topclass dressing because of the present lockdown experienced in London.

Since she made this latest post, thousands of her followers have stormed her numerous social media accounts to show her some love, and to appreciate her beauty. Some of her fans wanted to know if she is now an ambassador of Fendi.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the comments below.