“Disrespect, a whole president” – Video of 26yrs old Ganduje son shaking hands with Tinubu stirs reactions online (Watch)

Mixed reactions have started trailing a video involving President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and 26yrs old Ganduje’s son, Umur Ahmed Ganduje.

Note that Ahmed Ganduje is the son of Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, a Nigerian politician who served as the governor of Kano State from 2015 to 2023.

However in the video making the rounds, 26 yrs old Ganduje son shows that he is a very important person in Nigeria as the president of the Federal Republic was seen seeing him off after a meeting.

The part that got people talking online was when the 26yrs old Ganduje son, while conversing with 72-year-old president Tinubu, had to raise his hand to shake the president.

Responding to this, the president wasted no time in exchanging handshake with the Ganduje son Ahmed and even bids him a good buy.

Reacting via the comment section, an Instagram user identified as princenedu_ wrote; “He’s Umur Ahmed Ganduje na him papa be former Kano State Governor wey de collect bundle of dollars for camera 📷 the boy get biggest furniture outlet for Amino Kano crescent na him dem give contract to de supply all furniture for villa and he’s 26 years of age.”

Another IG user identified as vivianlam_glamour said; “Ganduje son. Those Rich northern guys no dey get respect.
Personal Acct 50., Daddy’s acct 1,000.000, Steeze 100,000,000, Composure 200 billion 😂😂.”

See other reactions and the video below;

bright___r: They’re already placing their children in strategic positions to rule over us. Chai! 🥹.

laughpillscomedy: Chaiii all these Gen Z children shaaa. Commot presidency matter, Tinubu nor be him mate, he reach to born am so he suppose use two hands shake am and prostrate.

kingjerryamilo_: Wealth, Strength & Confidence at play 💯% by Umur Ahmed ( aku na esi obi Ike) 👌.. May God position us firmly 🙏✅ .

adeola_laguda: He is the founding father of composure. Na him papa found steeze.

mc_ichie: Imagine police jump into that guy car.. He go carry u go Aso Rock straight.. 😂.

mr_u_k1: Omo see as president loyal Dey there They don sell Nigeria to Bandit 😂.

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