Disadvantages of NYSC to Nigerian Youths


In our previous post, we discussed the advantages of NYSC to Nigerian youths. But as we all know, anything that has merits also possesses some demerits. It will not be fair if we talk about merits without talking about demerits. So, to balance the equation, we shall look at some of the disadvantages of NYSC scheme to the Nigerian youths.

Below are some of the demerits of NYSC scheme to Nigerian Youths;

1. Time wasting

To be sincere with you, the scheme appears to be a waste of time. With the current situation of things in our country, paper qualification and connection have become more important than NYSC scheme.

Most corp members are being posted to classrooms which won’t enhance their skills or help them in any way. So, the scheme needs to be restructured. Graduates should only be posted to places that relate to their course of study.

2. No insurance scheme

There is no insurance scheme for serving corps members. There should have been a reasonable insurance scheme for corps members to make it more palatable.

3. Waste of fund and resource

The money Federal Government spends on the scheme every year is enough to build industries or train graduates on useful skills for employment opportunities.

4. No Job Guarantee

After NYSC what next? Absolutely, there is no next, FG will leave you on your own. Federal Government should provide a viable and reputable structure that will guarantee job after National service programme.

5. NYSC encourage unemployment

Many organizations in Nigeria do not employ permanent staff anymore instead they request for Corps members to be posted to their firms. They run their business with Corps members whom they pay peanut and treat like slaves. Federal government should look into this matter.

6. NYSC is compulsory

The scheme should be made optional. Although, they claimed it is not compulsory. Tell me what it is since one cannot get a job without NYSC Certificate. Even to go for post graduate programme, you would have to submit NYSC certificate.

7. Peanut payment (N19,800)

Corps members supposed to be among the highest paid workers in Nigeria but reverse is the case. Paying graduates less than N20,000 per month is a way of punishing them.

Is it from N19800, they will transport, feed and cloth themselves? It’s unfair. Therefore, I suggest Corps members’ allowance should be reviewed upward. As a matter of urgency, Corps members allowance should be increased to N50,000 per month.

What do you think about this? Drop your comment below.