“Did you get her consent before impregnating Judy and marrying her” – Fans fault Yul Edochie for saying May didn’t seek his consent before doing breast enlargement

Netizens are currently reacting to the online drama between Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie and his estranged wife, May Edochie.

Hours ago, Yul took many by surprise as he publicly dragged his estranged wife, accusing her of cheating on him and going under the knife. The actor countered her over her post claiming 2023 was her toughest year. Yul revealed that May had a breast enlargement surgery and tummy tuck last year while pretending to mourn her son and she did it without his consent and with the endorsement of her married boyfriend.

Yul further dragged her for manipulating the public to bring him down, as he pledged that 2024 would mark the end of his silence.

His statement didn’t sit well with many as they pointed out the hypocrisy of how Yul never deemed it fit to tell May about impregnating his mistress, Judy Austin, and marrying her, yet was expecting her to seek his consent before making any move.

Post below….

One Anna Bella wrote, “Ahhhh but you took a second wife without her consent. Wetin even vex me pass na the husband wey you talk for there

One Belinda Uju wrote, “How is she destroying yours? She is simply living her life. She didn’t bring another husband home as you did, and she hasn’t dragged you on social media for once yet you’re pained.

One Mheenarh wrote, “Coming from somebody that didn’t take her consent before marrying a second wife

One Socio Comics wrote, “The height of gaslighting from Judy and Yul.

One Debby Achievers wrote, “Did you get her consent before getting another woman pregnant?

One Jumpsuit Magazine wrote, “You get wife for house, you dey look another woman yansh and breast

One Sister of Five wrote, “Wow. When you married a whole new wife, did you take permission from her? But you are complaining of breast enlargement. Didn’t you leave her for someone with bigger breasts

One That Sandy Baby wrote, “The same consent Judy took from Me Obasi before fucking you right? When Mr Obasi came out to expose Judy y’all went and threatened him

One Pink Itz Official wrote, “When he cheated on her, did he do it with her consent”.

On Monday, May poured out her emotions about the transition from 2023 to the new year, 2024, sharing how the past year had been a challenging ride for her, describing it as a series of catastrophic events that left her sad.

May spoke on the adversities and misfortunes she faced in 2023, expressing that the worst blow was the tragic loss of her flesh and blood. Despite dealing with despair, she admitted that she almost gave up but found strength in her faith, and learned not to question God’s will.

Her statement contradicted Yul’s own, who described the past year as the best, filled with achievements and grace from God.

His positive outlook on 2023 raised eyebrows, especially considering the shared tragedy of losing a child with May. People were confused by his gratitude and joy for the year.

Recall that May had filed for divorce from Yul following his marriage to his junior colleague, Judy Austin. The mother of three, who lost her first son amid her divorce was demanding N100 million from Judy Austin for adultery.

May had also filed for a restraining order denying him access to their former matrimonial home, citing safety concerns, among others, and had gotten full custody of the kids.

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