Did the Black Pearl Beyonce Completely Bleach Her Skin?


Beyonce’s father Matthew is African-American, while her mother Tina is of mixed race. Their blood lines determine Beyonce’s skin color. There are two possibilities for Beyonce to whiten her skin this time. One is that Beyonce uses makeup to give people the visual illusion of white skin. The other is that she has undergone skin bleaching surgery.

However, the British media are more inclined to speculate that Beyonce had a skin bleaching operation. Because Beyonce’s skin color gradually changed after she married Jay-Z, and the black chocolate gradually turned into a white version. Some dermatologists also said that cosmetics with skin whitening effect can indeed whiten the skin, but this is limited. This kind of cosmetics is difficult to whiten the whole body, leaving not only blemishes but also lasting.

However, Beyonce can’t see any traces of this kind of powder on her body. Therefore, Beyonce is likely to secretly make artificial changes to her skin color. It is worth mentioning that Beyonce refused to respond to the rumor.

This is a picture of Beyonce before:

And here are the latest pictures of Beyonce: