Did Tacha Just Have a Secret Wedding?


I have never been a fan of Big Brother Naija and I have never really followed any of the seasons but the just concluded BBN got my attention because it was all over the place. There was not a day that went by that I did not see a trend on Twitter or Instagram about it, read an article on a blog about it or listen to people’s conversation about it. I stand corrected but I think it was the most controversial BBN so far.

One of the contestants of the BBN tagged “Pepper Them” was Natacha Akide or Tacha as she is popularly known and I dare say that she amongst other contestants is the reason why BBN Pepper Dem was the most popular.

Before BBN Tacha was known as a social media influencer and she could say anything to anyone without prejudice. I saw a couple of her videos where she talked about relationships and how girls didn’t like her because she would snatch their men any day and time.

Tacha was the most controversial contestant of the BBN Pepper Dem. She could say anything to anyone and not care how they took it. While a lot of people hated her for that, her followership increased massively. Her controversial nature did not help her get to the end of the show because she was disqualified as a result of an altercation she had with another housemate.

Blessings indeed come in different ways they say because her disqualification made her even more popular and earned her lots of endorsement and deals that not people are not previewed to and she is also starting her very own reality Tv show. It was a case of a blessing in disguise because even though she did not emerge as the winner of the BBN 2019 her shone so bright.

Tacha has been trending since yesterday and from what I learned a hotel manager where she lodged in Abuja entered her room with a spare key without her consent and she took to her social media page to drag out the culprit. The hotel management has however written a letter of apology to her and I hope that matter has been resolved.

However, what caught my attention is a tweet from one of her many fans claiming that Tacha is getting married and not a single Titan as her fans are called is aware of the marriage. A picture and video of her in a wedding gown was also posted.

I do not know how true that is though, it could be a shoot or another endorsement Tacha is about to add to her already heavy bag of endorsements but whatever it is I am more than happy for her. Tacha has actually kind of inspired me to n extent, I learned a thing or two from her.

For instance, I love how she more or less changed her personality from the girl who says anything on social media to the girl who is careful about what she says and is all about her own business. Another thing I learned from her is that people would say hateful things about you for being you, so rather than whine about it, take all those hatreds and mold it into something positive for them to really talk about.