Diane Russet shoots her shot at Ike after Mercy dumped him for a richer guy


Reality TV star Ike Onyema seems to be licking his wounds after Mercy Eke allegedly dumped him for London based Nigerian singer Williexo.

In a new Instagram post, Ike showed off his toned body for his fans and advised them not to give up on whatever they’ve set out their minds to do.

He wrote: Whatever you do, remember DON’T FOLD!!

In reaction to Ike’s post, Dianne Russet took to the comment section to blast him for not calling her.She wrote: ‘Don’t fold and call Diane @iam_ikeonyema’

Is Dianne trying to occupy the vacuum left by Mercy Eke or is it a somewhat ‘innocent’ post? Internet using are still wondering with their fingers crossed.