‘Details Too Dirty’: Comedian AY’s Wife Moves Out Of Matrimonial Home Over AY’s Infidelty


Comedian AY’s Wife Mabel Moves Out Of Matrimonial Home…

Insiders confirm to Us that there is a raging storm in the home of laugh maker Ayo Makun a.k.a AY……The whisper which is becoming quite loud is that his beautiful wife Mabel has moved out of their matrimonial home ….The whispers do not indicate if it is a permanent move or if she will return.
As you read this the comedian is busy working In London on a film set whilst Mabel has long gone with the wind…..I do not have details of what caused the marriage to crumble (Okay lets say the details are too dirty to be posted) and i am sure you will bear with me and pray for them.

I am sure the Comedian will issue a press release asking you all to mind your businesses or deny this report but whatever happens,I pray that the God that parted and closed the red sea will heal up and close whatever gulp that has developed between them….AMEN.

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