Denrele will always add pepper and salt in everything he does-see his costume at the AMVCA


It was really a night of glamour at the Eko hotels as different celebrities graced the AMVCA Award night with their various kinds of costume.Indeed it was really an amazing night seeing artists and great personality display their sense of dressing, with some dressing to portray the dreaded coronavirus.


Awards were issued out to those that truly deserve it with mercy eke winning the best female dressed personality.

There is one person whose dressing caught my attention though, Denrele. See his costume, always know how to draw attention.

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Born Denrele Edun in Hamburg, Germany. He is a TV host and a fashion Icon.He has been recognized with so many awards. Denrele is a great personality in the showbiz world with his various antics and social media stunts. Always looking and dressing like a woman.

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He attended his primary an secondary education in Lagos. He is the only son of his parents.