Denilson Igwe quits Mark Angel Comedy gives reason


Few days after the news of his exit from Mark Angel comedy
went viral, the talented comedian has come out to reveals the
main reason behind his action.

The comedian who is also a co-founder of the said comedy series which was founded in 2013

According to the comedian the comedy’s name sake (Mark Angel ) is eating all the money in Mark Angel Comedy.

Read below:

I quit Mark Angel Comedy because Mark is eating all the money in Mark Angel Comedy, a lots of people think Emmanuella is the richest kid in Nigeria but that’s not true.

Mark pays Emmanuella 50 thousand naira every month for the
past five years and when I told him it’s not right he brought
Success as a substitute to Emmanuella.

Emmauella doesn’t have a car but I do because am a grown up Emmanuella is a minor I have all the prove of how we
started Mark Angel Comedy, I was the first to bring Emmanuella to the scene that was when she acted mess, I am the oldest actor I started acting before Mark, I was only looking for a mean to present it that was why I named it ‘ Mark
Angel Comedy”.

I succeed today because God is helping me in one way and the other but not because of Mark Angel Comedy even It got to a point that I had to stop going to shows with them because once we make the money because the name is Mark
Angel Comedy Mark will take it and it looks like am just working for nothing.