Deadly Criminal Gang Threatening Community In Bagadry, Lagos State


TONT reader reports a criminal gang operating in Bagadry, a coastal town and local government area in Lagos state.

A concerned citizen got in touch with in order to spread the word about the criminals threatening the lives and property of the Badagry people, and help the story to reach out to the relevant government agencies.

In his words, a gang called One Million Boys is engaged in robbery: the gang members break into houses, and carry away valuables and money; if it turnes out that a person does not have any money, they may machete them to death, or maim so that the victim will later die from the sustained injures.

However, what is the worst thing about One Million Boys is that they are also engaged in gang-raping women and coercing family members to involve into sexual reletionships, a Naij reader claims.

The appearance of the robbery gang has disrupted the regular daily life of the Badagry community. In the words of the reporter, people feel insecure and uncomfortable; they always try to return home as soon as possible in the evenings – anyone could hardly be found outside after 9pm.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian criminal gangs are on the rise nowadays. Earlier in January, Chris Ezike, the commissioner of police in Edo state, expressed concern over the fact that cultism was becomming more and more popular among primary and secondary school pupils. He said that in 2015 more than 490 criminals were reported arrested across Edo, Delta and Bayelsa states. Two weeks ago a non-governmental organization in Rivers state called on the young people to resist criminal activity, be it kidnapping, robbery or anything else.

TONT readers, what do you think is the reason behind such “popularity” of cultism in Nigeria? Poverty? Youth unemployment? Poor upbringing? Or all the factors combined?


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