D’banj warned me against celebrating my 40th birthday – Toke Makinwa speaks

Nigerian media personality and self proclaimed ‘baby girl for life’ Toke Makinwa is turning 40 this year, and has expressed her nervousness. Speaking on her latest episode of Toke Moments, Toke Makinwa opened up about her nerves around turning 40, and spoke about what D’Banj said to her about it.

In the same interview, presenter IK Osakioduwa who spoke about his own marriage and splitting bills gave Toke Makinwa some words of encouragement as a 45 year old.

Toke Makinwa said:

“I’m turning a very big age this year and I’m so nervous. I am so nervous. At first, I started the year with saying I didn’t want to do anything. D’Banj, I’m going to call him out. D’Banj called me and said “Don’t do birthday o! You know this industry. Did I do my birthday? Did Don Jazzy do his birthday? Who shouted when they were 40? Don’t do any birthday o! They will retire you.” I was like “Dapo, what do you mean?” [laughs].

“When I fill forms these days, you know when we were so excited to fill between 18 and 25, we tick fast.

Between like 25 and 35, you tick. After 35, it’s like is this answer required? “

Responding to her and assuaging her fears about getting older, IK Osakioduwa responded:

“Thou shall not be nervous. I am 45, I just turned 45. And I’m still doing this thing. They can’t retire you. I won’t lie to you, there is that stage you get to where you feel like if I tell them my age, won’t people feel I’m too old for this?

But I’ve started to transition to a space where I’m just no longer a presenter, but a platform for presenters because I want to be able to create other means. I want to be able to sit down and look and count not how many awards or trophies I have on shelves, but I want to be able to look at the lives of people I’ve changed because our paths crossed.”

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