Days after disappearance, manhood returns but not working


Drama in Umuahia community as a yet-to-be identified man who raised alarm that his manhood got missing has declared that it has finally returned few days after its disappeared.

Our Agency learnt that the terrible incident happened on Oboro Street when a man stopped a Hausa fruit hawker to buy tiger nut.

According to report, the man after buying the tiger nuts and was about going into his shop to get money to pay for what he bought when the Hausa man touched his cloth in pretence he was removing a stain from the cloth.

The man noticed some changes inside of him barely seconds after the Hausa man touched his cloth. He touched his penis and discovered that it had disappeared.

Recall that there were speculations that the penis has travelled far and can not be returned.

According to local reports, it was learnt that the tigernut seller has returned the manhood but its not working yet.

“The manhood has not started working, not even for urination. The Hausa man said it will function this week”.