Dayo Amusa speaks on being single because she doesn’t want to submit to any man


Actress Dayo Amusa has yearned for a partner despite expressing love for her single status.

The actress took to social media with a post that says a lot about the kind of person she is.

According to Dayo Amusa who once revealed how much it costs to have a night with her, her single status is not because she hates men or doesn’t want to submit to one.

She wrote:

“I am independent because I take responsibility for my life. I refuse to play the blame game on anyone or make other people scapegoats for my failures. I do not allow the culture or religion to define me. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I am less than a man. Just because my skin may be darker or lighter than someone else’s doesn’t make me any less beautiful.

I am empowered to choose my companions, belief system & standards, based on what I feel is right for me. I can stand on my own if need be, but I do not boast about it or make others feel small just because they can’t. Being independent doesn’t mean I do not need love. It doesn’t mean I like going home alone. It doesn’t mean I hate men or that I won’t submit. It doesn’t mean I will stop being feminine, sexy & ladylike. I still want to be cared for & pampered by my partner. I desire to have doors opened & be treated to dinner. I still want to be protected & covered with assurance that everything is going to be okay. YES, I Love my independency”.