Davido’s success and money has blinded a lot of women- Nana Kwame


A lot of women will give an arm, a leg and even throw in their mum for a chance to date Nigerian Afrobeat artist Davido. The musician seems to have a spell over most of these women and majority thinks he is the “perfect” man.

How many women made it their prayer point when he proposed to his girlfriend? Many were on social media talking about how blessed Chioma is in finding a man like Davido. Princess Shyngle took to her Instagram to “tap” into the blessings.

The reality is Davido is not a great man and most women should not be praying for such a man.

Not only has this man fathered two kids, he chose to do the same thing to a third woman. Although he claims he loves Chioma, he disrespected her and her family by getting her pregnant before proposing to her. In every household, that is frowned upon and most families will demand compensation from the man for impregnating their daughter before marrying her.

Most families will hide the pregnancy by ensuring the marriage happens before the pregnancy starts to show.

The wealth and success of Davido has blinded most women from seeing his flaws and majority will still thank the heavens if he was to leave his fiancée for them.

They will go to church and testify to the great work the Lord has done for them by giving them a man with 3 kids by 3 different women because he has money.