Davido supports Wizkid against the killing of blacks


Nigerian Superstar star Davido has supported Wizkid over his post against the killings of the Blacks all over the World, Wizkid who posted on his instagram page with the caption “Police dey kill black Americans and Naija police dey kill Nigerians. No man fit sort this matter. God save us” as gotten lot of people to talk about the post. The post didn’t talk about the killings of Black Americans alone but also included Nigerians who are been killed on a daily basis by the Nigerian police force and other security agencies in Nigeria.

Last week a Black America, George Floyd, was killed by a Police in America which resulted into conflict in the United States, Many celebrities and other voices have spoken against the killing as people considered it to be racially abused, most believe that Blacks in America are not treated well, as there’s this general misconception about blacks to be a criminal.

Also same week another young Nigerian was killed by drunken Police men in Lagos. The incident occurred when the Police officers began during into the air as a result of there drunkenness which resulted into the death of young Girl who was hit by a straight bullet and also a Man narrowly escaped death but sustained an injury. All this constituted to the reason why Wizkid wrote the post about Police killing Africans in US and in Nigeria. Many people especially the Fans of the two Musicians have come out to express there joy in Davido supporting the post of Wizkid, as they felt it’s the right thing for him to do because most Nigerians think they are rival but lives come before rivalry.