Davido Should Learn From Akon How Best To Spend Money


November last year, 2019, Foremost Nigerian singer Davido, acquired a luxury wristwatch worth N180m. It was the Richard Millie design worn by superstars world over. Prior to that, October 2018, he purchased a Franc Vila wristwatch put at N90.2m. Davido’s gift to his partner, Chioma to celebrate this year’s valentines day came as early as December last year and was put at N16m.

As at 2018, Davido had a fleet of cars in his garage which collectively ran into billions of naira. It is no news that he owns a private jet like his fellow mega successful superstars. Davido’s private jet is worth over N9bn. A successful young man no doubt enjoying his wealth to the best of his knowledge.

Akon, real names: Aliaune Damala Bouga, a Senegalese-American artiste, has a net worth of $80million dollars. This puts him above many of his contemporary R and B singers.

A common factor between Akon and Davido is success and stupendous wealth. What however sets the two apart is their attitude towards the wealth they are blessed with from their musical exploit. While Nigerian Davido derives fulfillment from acquiring super expensive personal luxury items of various description, gold chains, diamond wristwatches, fast cars and mansions home and abroad, Senegalese-American Akon describes such ways of spending wealth in a not to glorious term. In actual fact he outrightly condemns it.

In his own words: “Showing up with 50,000 earrings is useless. It’s just tape to the eye that only serves to look good in front of others. That’s why I decided to use my money to help others”. What a man! Indeed it takes character to deploy one’s wealth to the benefit of mankind instead of engaging in vainglorious endeavors.

Akon seeing the plight of his country in Africa invested $1 billion dollars in China to provide electricity to Senegal. All too conscious of the excruciating deprivation in Africa, the wealthy singer stopped adorning expensive jewelry and considers them extravagant in the midst of so much poverty where he comes from.

Davido needs to learn from Akon how best to spend his money.