Davido shares adorable moment with a young fan in Uganda (video)

A recent video that popped up recently showed Davido performing on stage in Uganda, but that is not what captured the attention of fans.

The ultra talented singer was seen reaching out through the crowd to bring on stage a young child, and he was being really careful in the process.

After successfully getting the child on stage, Davido had a cute little dance off with his young fan, and she had his full attention while they were at it, while the crowd cheered on in excitement.

This video proves just how down to earth and interactive Davido is with his fans, and how age isn’t a limit to him when it comes to showing his fans appreciation. As someone that has kids himself, it is not surprising that he can easily relate with kids.

Video below…..

If you’re shocked that Davido had a dance off with a child on stage, then here’s a little recap into Davido’s adorable relationship with kids. In 2023, Davido joined a group of kids to dance to his hit song ‘Unavailable’, and the best part is that he wore matching school uniforms with them.

Davido is clearly having the time if his life, and making history while he’s at it. In a recent development reported by Kemi Filani, the singer launched a new faculty called the Faculty of Music and Arts in the University of East Africa.

Apart from launching the faculty, a hall was als dedicated to him, and named after him. This goes to prove just how much influence Davido has beyond Nigeria.

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