Davido and Sophia were having a good time together years ago, now he suddenly became a bad father – Wale Jana weighs into their co-parenting drama

Nigerian businessman Wale Jana has weighed into the bitter co-parenting drama between music star Davido and his first babymama, Sophia Momodu.

Taking to her Instagram page, he noted how social media users can bear witness that a few years back, the two were on good terms. He noted how Davido was spoiling them with vacation, diamonds, gifts, Range Rover and more; suddenly, he is now a deadbeat father.

He stated that it is okay for Sophia to take her daughter on vacation without support from Davido, but trying to paint a picture that he is a deadbeat father is wrong. He let her know that there is no reward for turning one’s child against their father.

“When unmarried parents fight, the children suffer. However, it’s important for parents to apply wisdom when they are not on good terms. There are women who try to poison their child against their father and fathers who insult the mum in front of the child. A child is supposed to have their parents as role models, but in a case where both parents are constantly saying nasty stuff about each other, the child’s mental health is at stake.

We all were on this social media when Davido and Sophia were having a great time with their daughter a few years ago; we saw the videos of the vacations, the diamonds, the gifts, the Range Rover, and so much more. Few years later, the same Davido is suddenly a deadbeat father.

It’s okay for Sophia to take her daughter on vacation without support from Davido; that’s very fine, but don’t paint a picture as if Davido was never part of his daughter’s life or he has been irresponsible and all the credit goes to her. There is no reward in turning your child against her father.

I hope women learn this and wear this lipstick of common sense in Jesus’ name”.

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