Davido and Chioma are just using internet people to Play Ludo


Last year I wrote about Davido and Chioma being the New love symbol of Nigeria. Apart from the fact that Davido is a Celebrity, Chioma also became a celebrity after she started dating davido but the most interesting part is the tribal intermarriage that is about to happen.

Davido,who is a superstar and Yoruba from the south west of Nigeria is coming all the way to Imo state in South east of Nigeria to take Chioma’s hand in marriage. If you are not yet making some ‘awwww’ ‘awwww’ sounds by now then you are a ‘ Hater’..

It is immaterial weather Davido,His Baba Olowo Daddy and his entire family travels to Imo state via their Private Jet,it won’t change the fact that Imo is very far from Lagos and the road to east are not in the best shape but since we are pushing the narrative of One Nigeria, Intermarriage between tribes are very important for the country and worth celebrating.

This morning, a lot of people are going gaga on the Nigerian social media space because of the news that Our love birds: Papa Ifeanyi And Mama Ifeanyi unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Many are wishing that there is trouble in the Adeleke’s paradise. Even though I am yet to wear my All white garment and get into my ‘ Prophet Elijah mode without no shoes’ I am already shouting ‘ FiA FiA!!

Back to Sender! Any demon that will stop me from going to eat Jollof rice, drink champagne and celebrate with the Adelekes in Imo state during the #Chivido2020 wedding Oh Holy Ghost FiA !

For Few days now, davido has been in the news because of the ongoing drama between him and peruzzi’s former label boss. The Gbas Gbos has been going on for the few days but that is not why we are here.

I strongly believe that Davido and Chefchi unfollowing each other is just an avenue to divert people’s attention from the Peruzzi’s former label drama and bury the already dying matter totally.

Davido and Chioma are no more just ordinary girlfriend and boyfriend oh. They are Engaged and about to get married, it is no more a social media thing, their relationship is not an Audio relationship or instagram love .

The families has met each other so unfollowing each other on Instagram does not mean anything. It does not mean that they are having issues. Married people normally have issues, marriage is not a bed of roses anyways .Every relationships has their unique challenges.

The reaction from negative people online since the news broke will definitely show you how evil some people think, they strongly wish that davido and Chioma will break up for real but we say Holy Ghost Fia Fia Fia burn the haters.

Few weeks ago, Davido came online to clear the air about his trip to Ghana with his first baby mama Sophia, He did that because of his love and respect for Chioma, he made it clear that he only gave his baby mama a lift to Ghana for the sake of their child Imase so I don’t know why people will think that same David will unfollow Chioma for real .

My advise for celebrity and everyone is to make sure you are not doing Instagram love because ‘ bad people belle’ will be waiting for when it will crash so they can come and laugh about it.

I wish Davido and Chioma the very best in their relationship and if possible it is better they remove their union from social media so ‘ Internet village people’ will not know what they are up to.

David And Chioma just followed each back so I can guarantee you that they are using Instagram people to play ludo while they do video call and laugh about it.

Anyways Biko let me know when the Asoebi for #Chivido2020 is ready oh because the King of Orishirishi is ready for the Turn Up.Now there is HOPE in Imo state we hope to see better roads oh.