David David Bags Outstanding Hero Journalist Of The Year 2019


The DG Nigerian Books of Record, Dr. David David announces his latest achievement. It was awarded by BAMAWARDS Management 2019, recognizing him as an OUTSTANDING HERO JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR 2019.

The 2019 Independent celebration in the month of October has witnessed the crusader of Nigerian excellent records, Dr. David David, who is also the current DG of Nigerian Books of Record, being bestowed with an exceptional honor.

The award came in appreciation of his effort in driving the Federal Ministry of Information & Culture campaign for attitudinal re-orientation among Nigerians, Change Begins With Me.

The New DG believes that Attitudinal re-orientation has for long been recognized as the best way to address the myriad of societal problems confronting the Nigerian society. He has always maintained that, the challenge of a new Nigeria has placed a big responsibility on every Nigerian to join the clarion call of the Nigerian Information Ministry to spread the message of value re-orientation and social harmony.

The 2019 BAMAWARDS Management admires the exceptionally ideologies of Dr. David David and his team in laundering the image of Nigeria internationally with Nigeria’s best, which led to the creation of the latest edition the National Compendium, Nigerian Books of Record Vol. 2; a unique encyclopedia of Nigerian excellent records by bestowing him with this award to demonstrate their contribution.

For the records; Nigerian Books of Record is the official Books of Record of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, conceived by the Nigerian Books of Record Research Center to drive attitudinal re-orientation, ‘Change Begins With Me’ Campaign of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Abuja. Additionally, Nigerian Books of Record identifies influential and well respected leaders of the Nigerian origin who have channeled their influence to create positive impact in the lives of people. Since the beginning of 2019, Nigerian Books of Record, under the leadership of its New DG, Dr. David David has been laundering the international image of Nigeria and also calling for all Nigerians to appreciate and celebrate the goodness in our country.

Given the current technology-driven nature of the global system and the emerging techno-lexicon of globalization, it is equally important to respond positively to such issues of national interest.

Like Guinness Book of Record, Dr. David had at many times emphasized the primary focus of Nigerian Books of Record, which is to recognize and immortalize Nigerians who have made remarkable achievements in their chosen professional callings to break the gap between history and achievers in Nigeria.

He also stated that hardworking, zealous, industrious and selfless minds in the Nigerian societies are celebrated as ethic exemplars and that such individuals in Nigerian Books of Record are elevated and positively positioned as role models for future generations to emulate and accentuate the value system of the Nigerian society.

While accepting the award, the new DG and the first Nigerian image reform activist said:
‘I’m humbled by the recognition award by BAMAWARDS Management 2019, recognizing me as an Outstanding Hero Journalist of the Year 2019. Thank you and God bless Nigeria.

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