David Bowie’s 5-bedroom Caribbean mansion for rent at $40k-a-week


Fans of Ziggy Stardust who just can’t get enough of him can now stay in his very house but the costs will burn a gaping hole in your pocket. The $20million Caribbean retreat will set you back between $40K and $50K a week depending on season.
The Mandalay Estate, which is situated on 6.2 acres of land, was recently purchased by British multi-millionaire entrepreneur and Bowie super-fan Simon Dolan and it seems he wants to give super-fans like himself a chance to savour a unique piece of history by renting out the tranquil abode.

The property’s lavish features include a games room, huge reception, a study and an infinity pool amongst others.

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David-Bowie's-5-bedroom-Caribbean-mansion6 David-Bowie's-5-bedroom-Caribbean-mansion5 David-Bowie's-5-bedroom-Caribbean-mansion4 David-Bowie's-5-bedroom-Caribbean-mansion3 David-Bowie's-5-bedroom-Caribbean-mansion2 David-Bowie's-5-bedroom-Caribbean-mansion1 David-Bowie's-5-bedroom-Caribbean-mansion


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