“Dating me is pretty simple if you can do these things”- a Lady revealed


The revelation of been in love with someone is not only requirements in relationship. If two people are to be dating each other there is need to have the feeling for one another in their heart and be ready to be there and help themselves when the need arise.

Every person is entitled to be loved by another person, when you are not the type to be loved by someone you might be another person’s choice. We just need to understand what we suppose to do to our partners to keep the relationship active. I don’t see the reason to feel burden by a person you agreed to be in love with, because some people found it difficult to express the love they had for their spouses.

Every man and woman requires certain conditions, care and respect from the person they agreed to be in love with, an example is this Lady with Twitter handle @Duchess_T who made mentioned that it’s pretty simple to in relationship with if the man can met her conditions.

This Lady’s revelation is actual a good thing, because no man will decides to be in relationship with her if he can’t fulfill her conditions, it’s advisable that people should made what they expected from their spouses known to the spouses before they even agreed to be dating each other, this way I think relationship problems will be minimal.