“Date a Lagos man at your own risk” – Tolanibaj warns ladies, reveals why she kept her man secret

BBNaija reality show star Tolanibaj sharing why she doesn’t post photos of her man warned Nigerian ladies to date a Lagos guy at their own risk because they might not be the only one in their lives.

Tolanibaj seems to be experienced with how Lagos guys deal with relationships and that is probably why she doesn’t show off her man like others do and has warned ladies to date them at their own risk.

According to her, she would have loved to post the man behind her smiles but he might be the same man behind the smiles of another lady and she wants everybody to smile hence her reason for not posting him.

Adding that sometimes she wants to be vulnerable in love but then she remembers that she’s too selfish to share her man with a slay mama or slay king and she likes peace of mind so she won’t.

Per the post of Tolanibaj, one can understand that Lagos men cheat and that is exactly why she has warned ladies to date them at their own risk and even if you date them you can’t show them off because you’re not the only person in their life.

Screenshot below;

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