Dangers of eating instant noodles you ought to know

Dangers of eating instant noodles

Most people consume noodles especially when they are tired and need to rest first or too busy to cook. Other times this food is cooked for children who could be hungry before the food destined to be cooked will take long. Most people have also replaced noodles for other meals. This food is fast to cook though most of us do not know the invading danger of consuming such a meal.

Instant noodles are high in calories, fat, sodium, artificial colours, unsaturated fats, and preservatives though they are low in nutritive content due to high processing done before they are packed.

These foods are delicious and convenient but can cause severe health problems when consumed regularly.

Excessive noodle consumption can lead to;

1. Obesity

The noodles have increased levels of preservatives and calories. They are also devoid of any nutritive components and excessive consumption possess increased chances of obesity.

2. Heart problems

The unsaturated fats in the noodles when consumed regularly increases the level of cholesterol in the blood risks heart problems and also diabetes type 2.

3. Reduced digestion and blood pressure

The contents found in noodles make their breakdown slowed down decreasing digestion.

This reduced digestion causes retention of the food preservatives and toxic chemicals that lead to diarrhea. The noodle components also lead to increased insulin levels in the blood affecting blood sugar levels.