Dad’s joke goes viral but not everyone will understand it, especially not people born in the 2000s


A dad has gone viral for telling a joke which many now term the best “dad joke” of all time.

Pearse Cromwell, from Dublin, filmed his dad telling the joke to his family and he shared it on Facebook.

Commenting on the video, he said: “Some old-fashioned laughter around the kitchen table this evening.”

The video shows David Cromwell pointing towards a bird drawn out on a sheet of paper, asking for his family to call out the different parts of the bird he points to, before revealing the “magic part”. His family seem somewhat frustrated with the joke, which took almost two minutes to tell, but all burst into laughter at the end.

Social media users were amused by the joke. Some called it brilliant while others were in despair over the cheesiness of the joke.

Watch it below.


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