Daddy Freeze dragging the Redeem Christian Church of God into controversy


The Redeem Christian Church of God have been in the news for obvious reasons, as several events have brought the public’s opprobrium upon the church which never used to be in the news save for on odds occasions when the need calls for it.

No publicity is bad publicity, they say, but the sudden spotlight in which the church tends to find itself is a major cause for concern – one that the old timers would frown at due to the usual laidback lifestyle they have always gotten used to.

However, it is now chic to see RCCG in the news every week – not for the good deeds done by the church but for other matters which could be tagged frivolous in all ramifications. More worrying is the fact that the general is that the General overseer now replies to comments made on social media even despite not being a fan, as he was tagged this generation a social media generation with his popular statement: “Marry on Facebook, divorce on Youtube”.

Even more worrying is the decision of the member of the church rather than studying the Open Heavens daily devotional they choose to engage in online spats with those who share a different view other than theirs.

Now, it is now common to find the members challenge on-air personality popularly known as Daddy Freeze to an Instagram battle, as they look to justify the decision to pay tithes to their pastors.

Of course we know the radio presenter drew first blood but the decision to reply him severally even from the pulpit goes a long way to show our moral decadence is on the loose. The least they should do is keep mum on the issues rather than allow themselves be drawn into any controversy. At least Christ said in Luke 6: 29: “If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.”

They are rather exchanging blows rather than turn the other cheek instead. We hope they listen.


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