Cynthia Morgan reveals Jude, Paul defrauded Peter for 20 years

Cynthia Morgan has sparked outrage after revealing that Jude and Paul Okoye defrauded their brother Peter for 20 years.

Recall that Cynthia Morgan dragged the Okoye family in 2020. She called out Jude Okoye, the elder brother of Paul, and Peter Okoye, former Psquare manager, and her former manager.

The singer stated that her departure from her former label had an impact on her music identity, VEVO account, music royalties, and social media profiles.

Cynthia Morgan took to her Instagram page on Thursday, June 27, and published a video in which she slammed Jude Okoye once more, accusing him of sending individuals to spy on her.

Cynthia Morgan further said that the apparent strife within the Okoye family is the result of Jude’s adversary finally catching up with him.

Video below……

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