Cute Pictures Of Ik Ogbonna And His First Daughter, From His Previous Relationship


The handsome actor was previously married to Sonia Morales and their union produced a very handsome young boy. The actor has a 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship with another lady called Sonia, which broke off before his marriage to Sonia Morales.

The then couple, were gracious enough to share some of their sons pictures with us. But we weren’t priviledged enough to see some of his daughter’s pictures.

Below are some of the father daughter pictures;

On her 7th birthday, sometime last year.

Photo Credit: Tontrends

Ik Ogbonna is a popular actor and a very good one at that. It was a huge shock for many of us to hear about his divorce last year. However, we wish him good luck in his future endeavours.