Curvy lady with big backside said – Everything I have is from God


Biodun Okeowo aka Omoboety is a well known lady in the Yoruba Nollywood industry.

She has two children and she is a single mother.

She is rich on her own and have some other businesses other than acting such as, Film production, entertainer and brand ambassador.

All of these have brought a huge fortune for her as most things she wear are from the brand she is an ambassador with.

But some if her followings/fans are sating that she did not get those money ordinarily. But in response to all those claims, she posted to her Instagram page on February 27, 2020 stating that she got everything with God’s help and nothing more.

She stated in her caption that; “I have been receiving some funny dm’s and i for one last night that got me really pissed, attributing my house, cars and recent endorsement to something else. Please Nobody shares God’s Glory.”

“Now! I am putting this here to the general public. Everything I own is from God. I am a very proud Celestial. Omo ijo mimo ni mi. Please don’t come to my DM insinuating what is not or asking me if my success is from this or that! It’s insulting to me and my God.