Curvy actress Moyo Lawal cries out, says she is becoming curveless as she reveals the cause


Popular Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal who is known bootylicious in the industry has taken to social media to disclose that the load behind her has reduced drastically and this is really giving her headache and sleepless nights.

Lately, the actress has truly limited the rate of which she flaunts her asset on social media and her backside’s deflation and reduction in size might actually be the reason.

Before the actress starts becoming curveless like she claimed, Moyo Lawal is well known on Instagram for always bragging and flaunting all what God blessed her with, even though she hardly escapes a day without being trolled by her followers for doing this, but she doesn’t care at all about their opinions. She keeps giving them back to back.

However, this revelation from the naturally endowed actress comes as a shocker.

“I am not jogging again biko… Ayam getting straight like ruler, beginning to look tiny. operation eat everything possible, yes that’s why I can’t sleep… goodnight” she said.

Furthermore, the actress cried out bitterly as she begged for her lost beauty and package, saying “Give me back my fat on only my hips, bum and br*ast please, I think I’m going to be sick, how are we going to settle this matter?”.

After dropping this post on Instagram last night, her fans couldn’t stop being curious as they started reacting, asking questions.

One of her followers asked, “how come and what went wrong?” which she replied with the word “jogging”.