CURIOUS?? See Nigeria’s Most Organised Island With Amazing Scenery


Many must have heard or read about the Bonny Island in Rivers State, Nigeria. Bonny Island can be tagged as the beauty and home of luxury with comfort and relaxation.

Somewhere at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean facing the Bight of Bonny sits the Island of Bonny. This serene Niger Delta community has several historical and economic symbolisms for the Nigerian nation. It was the melting point of economic activities right from the 16th century.

It serves as Christianity’s first port of call in West Africa. It is also home to so many illustrious sons and daughters of Nigeria. This significant constituent of the larger Ijaw ethnic nationality has her local dialect, Ibani is spoken across her various communities. With a thriving traditional system and robust cultural heritage, it stands out as one of the foremost local communities in Nigeria.


One interesting thing about this place is that Bonny Island is among the few places in Nigeria where there is power 24hrs, 365 days all through the day. Power in this island never blinks or goes off for some minutes except if there is general maintenance which barely lasts for an hour or 2.

Nigeria is blessed with amazing scenery, beaches, resorts and lots more. Bonny is carefully planned and crafted in order to show the beauty of nature. This island is also home to the NLNG workers.

Tontrends got some amazing and breathtaking pictures of these place and we felt we should share some with you.

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