Cuomo says ‘US relying on China for medical equipment is ‘cruelest irony’


New York governor Andrew Cuomo said the state would start conducting nightly hospital-by-hospital surveys to assess what medical equipment they need.

Cuomo added that it was the “cruelest irony” the country is now dependent on China for the production of crucial medical equipment.

The governor implored businesses to try to pivot to producing medical equipment like gowns. “We will pay a premium,” Cuomo assured businessowners.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said the number of people discharged from the hospital is “way up,” marking some rare good news since cases started to surge.

But Cuomo warned the state still needs more hospital beds to prepare for the peak of the crisis. The state is constructing temporary hospitals at places like the Javits Center and Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to add beds for coronavirus patients.

The governor said he was more concerned about ensuring the state has enough medical professionals and equipment to deal with the peak of the crisis. “Beds we can find,” Cuomo said. “The harder component is the staff and the supplies.”