Cubana: Are We Not Boycotting Northern Cows Again? – Joe Igbokwe


Few hours ago, Cubana Chief Priest trended over the issue of the high number of cows he bought for his boss (Obi Cubana) for his mother’s burial. Hours after this report went viral, Joe Igbokwe noted on Facebook that another report reaching him holds that about three hundred (300) cows have been purchased and are still being purchased for a burial in Oba, Anambra State. He said this place is very close to his hometown in Nnewi, Anambra State.

Astounded by the reports, Joe Igbokwe asked “are we not boycotting Northern cows again?” This question got diverse responses from his followers. According to some findings made, there was a time a report held that some people wouldn’t longer consume cows from the North. This was the basis that led to the question raised by Joe Igbokwe, the Spokesperson of Lagos State Chapter’s All Progressive Congress (APC).

Checkout the screenshot below to read all what was written by Joe Igbokwe when he questioned those who earlier claimed that Cows would be boycotted.