Cross River Born Actress losses brother to electrocution


A sad event happened to Nigeria’s actress, Esther Whyte Bassey Isemin following the loss of her brother, Godspower Bassey Isemin to electrocution.

Godspower, eleven at the time was washing his clothing near a gate in their Calabar home yesterday while leaning on it when power supply by PHCN came on a faulty system by the gate that immediately seized the boy.

TONTRENDS gathered it took efforts by Donald, his elder brother, the only one home at the time to disengage him from the now high-tension gate.

Donald struggled all he could to rush his brother whose case was now becoming worse to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) but could not get immediate medical attention needed. Only for a doctor to declare Godspower dead moments after.

“I’m so broken. He didn’t deserve it. The last time I spoke with him, Godspower said he wanted me to be a star,” the bereaved actress told our Reporter while recalling the last conversation she had with Godspower on phone.

Electrocution is responsible for hundreds of deaths in Nigeria yearly including seven football fans who died in Calabar while watching a Manchester United match at a match viewing center in 2017, that same year the Network for Electricity Consumers Advocacy of Nigeria (NECAN) listed 366 Nigerians to have died by electrocution.