COZA businessman Wale Jana called out by aggrieved investor over N362k debt


Top Nigerian businessman, Wale Jana is currently receiving heat on social media after he was called out by a Nigerian lady identified as @missnekki on Instagram following a story of how she made a bad investment in his business and has been unable to get her money back.

Anyone who knows Wale Jana knows two things about the Sapphire Scents CEO; his strong love and support for controversial COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo, and his inspiring success story of how he came from nothing to build a multi-million naira company.

While many continue to celebrate him for his admirable and impressive business acumen, a Nigerian lady identified as @missnekki, appears to have nothing good to say about the top perfumer. She recently left social media buzzing after she took to the platform to narrate her not-so-good experience in a business deal with Jana.

Narrating the story, she revealed a friend told her about an investors program with Sapphire Scents which she eventually decided to try out. She invested a whooping N500k into the business and signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the hopes of profiting from it.

Shortly after investing however, her friend reached out to her advising her to pull out her funds. The friend revealed she had been unable to get her money back despite reaching out to him severally.

Alarmed by this, @missnekki began the process of getting her N500k back from Jana. Although she was made to way till her actual due date as agreed, she received no payment and was informed that the company would be needing more time to pay back investors.

This left her unsettled and she insisted on getting her money back. She eventually received payment from the company, but it wasn’t up to what she had invested. She received the sum of N200k. Angered by this, she called and demanded that her balance be sent to her.

Following several back and forth, she decided to call him out on his social media page, tagging him a fraudster.

Jana in response, threatened to sue her for trying to embarrass him over a mere N362k.

As at the time of this report, Wale Jana has neither come out to address the issue.

See screenshot of the full gist below:

The gist has since gone viral on social media with many people putting the businessman on blast.

Coupled with the fact he reportedly fell out with his top brand influencer, Cee-Cee, not so many people are taking his side on this issue.