COVID19 – Nollywood Actor declares that he needs company


Mike Adeyemi; a Nollywood Actor says that he needs company to wither the storm of the pandemic that the world currently battles with.

The actor who is also the CEO of BMM brands declares that he needs someone; a lady, of course, to be by him as everyone is advised to stay in their home observing self-isolation.

Actor Mike most recent post as at this time is the above picture of him with the caption:

“Cuddle partner needed ASAP 😉”

See his post for proof:

Is the Actor really serious about it? Is he looking for a wife or a side chick? Is he just having fun posting it? All this is definitely going on in his fans and admirers mind as we speak. The Actor will really confuse a lot of people.

Mike Adeyemi might mean his post as a joke but I bet a lot of ladies her rushing the offer in his DM now. Or not. Or maybe.

What is your take?