COVID-19: Will NYSC pay Corps Members’ allowance for March


The question is will NYSC pay corps members amidst coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria. We created this post to set the record straight. Just keep reading.


Recall that the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Nigeria on February 27. The case involved an Italian man was diagnosed with the disease.

But NYSC then rejected advice that it should postpone its orientation course scheduled to commence from 10th -30th March, 2020.

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On 18th March (after spending just 8 days in camp), NYSC suspended its orientation course for fear of coronavirus. And on 19th March, NYSC suspended Corps members’ CDS meeting and monthly biometric clearance nationwide.

As the confirmed cases of COVID-19 keep rising, on 24th March, NYSC granted all corps members permission to travel to their various homes.

Now the question many people are asking is, “will NYSC pay Corps members’ allowance for the month of March, 2020?”

The answer on whether Corps members will receive March allowance
Corps members will receive their allowance for the month of March, 2020. But for subsequent months, they should better not expect any allowance if coronavirus outbreak continues.

Why Corps members might not be paid for subsequent months is because the scheme has fixed duration of one year. Therefore, Corps members’ service to Nigeria is not permanent but temporal.

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Let’s take 2020 Batch A Stream 1 for example: If NYSC continue to pay them while their service is on hold, and coronavirus last for one year.

It means NYSC will repeat the payment or discharge them or allow them to serving without no further payment.

Since NYSC members are not civil servants but are on National service, it’s likely they will not receive allowance beyond March, 2020.

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