COVID-19 will be more aggressive in the southern hemisphere as winter approaches


Dr Wang Hu who studied the COVID-19 behavior since January say countries in the southern hemisphere should brace themselves for the worst fight against the COVID-19.

“The virus transmission rate increases in low temperatures and we fear that if the countries in the southern hemisphere are not well prepared the virus would hit them very hard in the coming months. Winter is approaching in the southern part of the world and the climate of most of the countries in the southern hemisphere makes the perfect conditions for the virus to thrive”

“Countries that will provide a climate that will be favorable for the virus to prevail in in May, June, and July are the following. Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Uruguay and Brazil. South America could report the most cases if they are not well prepared”

Countries like South Africa have already implemented harsh lock-down rules like closing down all non-essential services and only allowing one person to travel in a car. Strict Lockdown rules have worked for Wuhan and it is advisable for the world to follow suit.