COVID-19 updates as it happens in Europe


Here’s where the day stands:

Florida governor Ron DeSantis approved a statewide “stay at home” order after weeks of hesitation. The Republican governor had been criticized for not issuing a statewide order as dozens of other states directed residents to stay home.

New York reported more than 83,000 cases of coronavirus and 1,941 deaths. Governor Andrew Cuomo also announced the closure of all New York City parks after residents failed to respect social distancing guidelines.

The vice president compared the coronavirus situation in the US to Italy, which has seen the highest number of deaths linked to the virus.
Italy has already reported more than 13,000 coronavirus fatalities, and that number continues to climb.

The Dow dropped nearly 1,000 points as US markets continue to suffer amid the pandemic. Unemployment claims are also expected to jump in tomororw’s report after many major employers announced layoffs this week.

Bernie Sanders called on Wisconsin to delay its presidential primary, which is scheduled to take place next week.

Wisconsin Democrats and civil rights advocates have already sued the state to press officials to ease absentee voting requirements for the primary.