COVID-19 round-table developments from around the globe


This Tontrends COVID-19 round-table developments from around the globe.

In Britain, prime minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) at St Thomas’ hospital after falling ill with Covid-19. Foreign secretary Dominic Raab, who is Johnson’s “designated survivor”, is running the country’s pandemic response while the prime minister is in hospital.

US president Donald Trump was among world leaders to send the best wishes to Johnson, saying intensive care was “really big stuff”, but he also said he had asked two unnamed “leading [pharmaceutical] companies” to contact London and offer “therapeutics” to help Johnson.

In Japan, prime minister Shinzo Abe said he expected to declare a state of emergency soon, after several regions, including Tokyo, saw sharp rises in the number of cases.

In the US, the governors of New York and New Jersey pointed to tentative signs that the outbreak was starting to plateau, but warned against complacency. More than 10,000 people have died in the US after contracting Covid-19, and more than 350,000 people have been formally diagnosed.

In Europe, Spain had its fourth consecutive day of reporting a drop in Covid-19-related deaths. In the past 24 hours 637 people died, which was the lowest number in nearly a fortnight. More than 13,055 people have died in Spain, second only to Italy which has recorded 16,500 fatalities.

In New Zealand, the health minister David Clark was demoted after he admitted he drove his family 20km to a beach, against the country’s strict lockdown rules.