COVID-19: People are dying from alcohol withdrawal symptoms due to lockdown


Coronavirus is not the only thing killing people during it’s own pandemic.

Many people are dying across the world because of withdrawal symptoms from substances, namely alcohol. During isolation and lockdowns in some countries, it gets harder to have access to alcohol and other drugs which becomes fatal to people who are dependent on alcohol. It is estimated that approximately 5000 people had already died around the world because they could not access their favorite substances.

During the isolation and lockdown drug trafficking had been slowed down because of restriction at ports of entries in many countries and alcohol production had been halted in many places, only expensive alcohol is available in some places and most people are having budget issues which put alcohol and drugs at the bottom of priorities.

“It is not only alcohol, people who abuse addictive illegal drugs are also facing hard times because even drug dealers are in isolation”. China recorded more than 700 cases of people who died of alcohol withdrawal symptoms during the height of the pandemic in China. Some people reportedly killed themselves because they can’t stand withdrawal symptoms and the sober life.

Italy had approximately 1900 withdrawals related death and suicides. “The bad thing about people who are experiencing withdrawals is that they always cause a scene in quarantine and unfortunately they are the ones most likely to die from coronavirus.