COVID-19: Musician Timaya Suggests Permanent Cure for The Virus


42 year-old Nigerian Music Star, Inetimi Timaya Odon professionally known as Timaya has announced what he believes to be permanent cure for Covid-19, the deadly ravaging the entire world right now.

The Bayelsa born singer who made the announcement via a video on his Instagram page first asked, have you tried marijuana popularly known as (Igbo)? There is not been any recorded case of the virus in Jamaica (a country that legalizes marijuana) Timaya noted. The singer is implying that the Federal Government who may not have been thinking in that direction should legalize marijuana consumption as it could be a possible cure for the Covid-19 virus.

Timaya clownishly advised his followers to try and smoke marijuana today and then thank him later.

Meanwhile, a look into recent study shows that warmer weathers may slow down the spread of Coronavirus or Covid-19 and one wonders, could Timaya be telling the truth?

Timaya is a father of three (2 girls and a boy), he is a serial hit music maker known for his candor. Watch the video below: